Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef Style

A-5 Miyazaki Wagyu “Kobe Style”  Beef from Japan is considered to be the Finest Wagyu, Kobe Style Beef, raised in Japan.

Wagyu from Miyazaki has won three of the last four Japanese Culinary Olympics, the most prestigious culinary competition in Japan beating wagyu from all over Japan, even Kobe!

More impressive is that of all the Wagyu “Kobe Style “ beef raised in Japan, over 80% of the genetics herald from Miyazaki! Trust the Japanese to know where to find the best Wagyu.

This is why we at DeBragga choose to work exclusively with Miyazaki for our Japanese “ Kobe Style Beef;  It is simply the best!

In 2014 we visited the island of Kyushu in the Southernmost part of the Japanese Archipelago and saw firsthand the husbandry provided by these animals. Raised without any antibiotics ever, never given any added Growth hormones. Slowly fattened over 500 days on a diet of mixed grains, primarily barley blended with forage grown locally.  The stress-free temperate environment and excellent care result in beef that overwhelmingly grades at the highest levels in Japan –  the coveted A-5.

For our Japanese Miyazaki “Kobe style “ wagyu to grade A-5, it must pass several criteria with a score of 5, the highest. Marbling, fat color, muscle color, muscle definition. All must grade 5 or the carcass will not receive this prestigious score of A- 5, the only grade we import.

A-5   Miyazaki Wagyu “Kobe Style”  Beef from Japan. The Best in the world from DeBragga, New York's Butcher.

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